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MEET UI-snippets

Your personal snippets library

UI-snippets is a simple tool with extensive open-source collection of HTML & CSS snippets ready to be explored, saved, edited, and utilized within your projects for increased productivity and faster development time.

What is UI-snippets?

Website developers, no-coders or any other person working on web projects can find, collect, edit, save and implement beautiful snippets as fast as possible.

Library of personal snippets that you can use to store and organize your own code snippets.

From basic buttons to beautiful animated buttons. You can find it all.

Dark mode switches, YES/NO toggles and many more useful checkboxes.

Text inputs with animated effects that will surely grab your attention. Many more will be added shortly!

Free open source collection of HTML & CSS snippets

Available for you to explore, save, edit, create and use in your projects.

+230 snippets 

Fully Customisable

Save to Favorites

My Snippets with code playground

Search with OpenAI

No Ads

quick and easy way to access commonly used code snippets

Effortlessly access HTML & CSS snippets

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, UI-snippets is a useful tool to have in your toolbox.

With the help of CodePen, you have full control of snippet customization.

With the Creator page feature, users can take control of their own online presence and share their skills and expertise with the world.


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What is UI-snippets Creator feature?

UI-snippets offers a Creator page feature that allows users to create a personalized page to showcase their own code snippets to the public. On their Creator page, users can add a bio, links to their social media or personal website, and an email contact form. This is a great way for them to share their work and build their portfolio. With the Creator page feature, user can take control of their own online presence and share their skills and expertise with the world.

Is there a limit on my favorites and my snippets?

Once you sign up you can save 50 snippets inside your favorites. It is same for My snippets, you can save or create 50 snippets. If you choose to be UI-snippets creator the limit is increased to 100.

What kind of snippets do you have?

The UI-snippets library contains more than 200 free open source HTML & CSS snippets. You can find buttons, checkboxes, toggle switches and inputs. With your snippets library you can create any kind of snippet, and you are not limited to mentioned categories.


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